July 19, 2004


Well I finally got around to fixing my SQLite helper class. It's a simple PHP class for working with SQLite databases and has full support for ALTER TABLE statements, as well as impoved error handling. While I love SQLite, a major annoyance of mine has been that it doesn't support ALTER TABLE. Which was my motivation for writing this class.

I wrote it almost a year ago, but never provided any decent documentation, so it wasn't really easy to use. Plus there was a bug wherein queries would fail if you were dropping multiple columns in one statement. Mark Meves was kind enough to point this out a few months ago.

But that's all been fixed. The documentation, while still quite simple, now explains the ALTER TABLE syntax and has a few sample queries. And that nagging bug has been fixed. So if you're working with PHP and SQLite on a project, it's worth a look, as it could easily speed up the development process.

Posted by jon at July 19, 2004 5:30 PM