Copyrights, Licenses and so forth

All content on this site ( and its subdomains) is divided into two categories with respect to usage/licensing: public domain and copyrighted works. The following paragraphs outline which items fall under which category.

No Rights Reserved

All code samples are released to the public domain, unless otherwise indicated. This means you may freely use them and build upon them for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Feel free to modify and customize them to suit your needs. You do not need to acknowledge or attribute them to me. You may copyright/license any derivatives you create from the original code, but (obviously) not the original code itself, because it belongs in the public domain.

All Rights Reserved

Except where noted, all other material is Copyight © 2003-2010 Jonathan Jensen and may not be reused in any way, shape or form without express written consent of the author. This includes tutorials, articles, documentation, images, and stylesheets.