July 22, 2004


I really don't have time for this. Being engaged and working 60-70 hours/week doesn't leave much free time, but sometimes you just need to do something different to ease the stress.

Which is why over the next few months I'll be translating some of the Experiments in Web Design into other languages (French, Spanish and Portuguese). I'm sick of programming, and I'm sick of English. I don't have many opportunities nowadays to speak those languages I studied for all those years, so I figure this will be a fun exercise. As it stands, 6-7% of the visitors to my site speak one of those languages, even though the site is entirely in English.

Be ye warned; although I speak them all, I don't speak them as well as I once did, so don't be surprised if the translation isn't perfect. Perhaps someone will be so kind as to proofread them when I am done.

Posted by jon at July 22, 2004 7:27 PM