December 27, 2003


So I got an email this morning saying someone posted comments on one of my entries. Which is pretty strange considering nobody reads my blog. Further investigation showed they were test comments from someone over at, an online peddler of Viagra-like products.

Now for me this is not the end of the world, because 1. comments are easy enough to delete and 2. AFAIK nobody comes to my site. But it got me wondering about high traffic sites such as The Daily Report—I'm sure Zeldman gets tons of spam comments on a daily basis. What do they do to combat comment spamming? Are there "smart" filters for MovableType? Sure, you can block an IP, but are there modules that detect spam comments either by content, email addess, or other criteria? It'd be kinda nice...

Perhaps I should Google it, because I doubt anyone will comment on it ;)

Posted by jon at December 27, 2003 2:22 PM