December 29, 2003


So I've had an interesting task these last few days. My friend Mike and I have our regular day jobs (mine with Alpine Software Consultants, his with Enhance), but we've got our own little side project called Debonaire Software Solutions.

Someone over at Enhance (formerly Ah-Ha.com) decided to give us a nice opportunity to make some money. My understanding of it is this: as part of their vertical marketing, they set up dummy sites—search directories and the like, simply there to generate traffic for them and their partners.

So they basically gave us dominion over one of these sites. It's an interesting opportunity, because if we are able to generate X amount of traffic over the next week, we will get a certain percentage of the profits from the click-throughs, as well as a more permanent arrangement.

The interesting thing is that they give us no content to work with other than this. A domain name like www.womenfitness.info and no content presents an interesting marketing challenge—create and promote a women's fitness site that has no information on the subject. Over the last week, I've been working sporadically on throwing together something that will at the very least appear to have some substance.

This all makes for an interesting dilemna of sorts, because supposing we successfully market this site as a reputable fitness authority for women, it all feels a bit dishonest—misleading people simply to generate traffic. I suppose that's the case with a lot of what's out there on the web, but this is something new for me. I'd like to think that all the web development I've done so far, whether it's been for pay or for fun, has in some way enriched the web. Working on this project has made me feel like a cheap hooker—I've sold out for some quick cash.

In a way, I'm secretly hoping it doesn't work out, so that I can go back to the kind of web development I enjoy where my conscience doesn't give me crap.

Posted by jon at December 29, 2003 7:03 AM