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March 22, 2005

dude, where's my party?

So I think I finally have this Schiavo thing figured...

  • The party for small government is telling a woman she can't die with dignity and must continue in this senseless limbo.
  • The party for family values is stepping between a husband and wife for political gain.
  • The party for states' rights is abusing its federal powers to invalidate years of due process in the State of Florida.
  • The party against socialized medicine feels it is imperative to dole out Medicaid indefinitely to a de facto vegetable.

Then there's this little gem from the Democrat & Chronicle:

Meanwhile, DeLay has been silent about the case of Sun Hudson, a critically ill baby who died last week after he was taken off life support, against the wishes of his unemployed single mother. That happened in DeLay's home state of Texas, where it's legal for a hospital to end life support for a patient if its ethics board deems the treatment non-beneficial and the patient is unable to pay. President Bush, who rushed home to sign the emergency legislation that put Schiavo's case into federal court, signed that law when he was governor of Texas.

Though 60-70% of Americans are opposed to this intervention by Congress, many are still confused by the issues. This is understandable, given the plethora of misinformation surrounding this case. To those, I would strongly suggest getting some good information.

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March 16, 2005

Google Toolbar Part V

Hopefully this will be the final iteration of changes I have to make to the googlefix script. A few months ago, Google changed how AutoFill works, rendering my previous script useless. I came up with a new fix, except that there was one minor problem which several readers were kind enough to point out—though it works fine on initial page loads and refreshes, it does not work on pages navigated to via the forward or back buttons.

With one minor change, the problem has now been solved... in conjunction with adding the onpropertychange event handler to each input when the document loads, we now reset the color of each one as well. The reason is that when you navigate back to a page using the script, the page is loaded from memory with the Google colors already set, thus bypassing the onpropertychange event. So by resetting the colors when the onload event occurs, we avoid the problem altogether.

Download the latest version.

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