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April 9, 2007

It really pays to digg — coding deathmatch 2.0

The good news: The coding deathmatch is back, this time with twice the prize money and a guarantee that every finalist will win something.

The bad news: Employees can't compete (obviously), and previous finalists can't win prize money, so that makes me doubly ineligible.

Ok, so it's not really bad news at all. Making previous finalists ineligible helps level the playing field and lets us share the love with everybody else. And as tempting as that $10K+ first prize is, to me it really isn't worth that whole unemployment thing.

So if you are a Utah programmer with nothing better to do this Saturday — let's be honest here, you're a programmer and you live in Utah — you owe it to yourself to sign up. It could be the easiest $10K you ever make in your life (Derek, it might be the easiest $10K you ever make in your life legitimately). Who knows, you might even find yourself doubly ineligible for the next one. Trust me, that's a good thing.

Sign up

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