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October 3, 2005


Dear State Senator Mike Fair,

If there were a Dumbass Olympics, you would take the gold in every event. I am referring, of course, to your recent defense of an Intelligent Design curriculum for the State of South Carolina:

We'd like to see neutrality. We'd like to see science speak for itself and not have advocates for a theory of a single cell becoming man, for which there is no evidence.

I'll spare you the zygote jokes, but please answer me this: Are you really that dumb? Is this simply a ploy for the Hicktard vote, or is your single brain cell really that jealous of the other multicelled cerebrums?

Of course, you aren't the only one fighting in this War on Common Sense. Here in Utah we've got Chris Buttars giddily spreading his dementia with gems like "We get different types of dogs and different types of cats, but you have never seen a dat."

But I digress. Mike, nobody's telling you what to teach in Sunday School, so you would be wise to leave science to the scientists. Of course, you've already shown us your position on wisdom and rational thought. If ever there were definitive evidence against Intelligent Design, you and your fanclub would be it.

Homo Sapiens

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